Write a short story on all that glitters is not gold

Sometimes, people can give us false hope. The red headed camel stopped eating anything and became so week and idle, he kept crying all the time. He entered the city with great excitement. See them laughing, scowling, smiling.

Gold is bright yellow metal and it shines brightly. The camel who lived in the peaceful climate of the desert got so confused and scared to see all this. Like shining glass pieces which dazzle and glitter like diamonds the appearance of men can be greatly misleading.

Most of the high class and rich people are so busy in their social life and forget their basic responsibilities towards their children and parents.

All That Glitters Is Not Gold

He was the favorite of his master too. He dragged the heavy rocket to Wise Owl and bragged: Things, it proves, are never what they seem to be. All that Glitters is not Gold Essay 5 words Introduction: A man should never be judged by his outward appearance and his words. The real value of a thing does not lie in its appearances are sometimes deceptive.

It is now become a business for many people who sell their products by packing or wrapping into a very beautiful and shiny wrapper along with advertisement. He can even turn out to be unscrupulous too. The rocket went and started to climb the cloudy sky, up, up and away.

Their appearance is in no way proportionate to the great value they have. She was carried away to Lanka and the battle of Ramayana had to be fought to bring he back. But Shakespeare tells us that even adversity sweet. If we just consider his outer look and persona by avoiding the inner excellence then we must be proved stupid and foolish in front of all.

He had a herd of camels. Fortunately one day a man came there to meet the stable owner.

Essay on All that Glitters is not Gold

But in fact, they are rogues and villains. On the contrary, some of the dull looking things possess immense value. A woman in a shining dress and golden tresses may well turn out to be a flirt.

Every yellow metal is not gold and every glass in not a diamond, it is our responsibility to find out and recognize the reality behind these metals or glasses.

All that glitters is not gold. The Egyptian radars took them to be fighter planes and this created panic in their ranks. We cannot imagine the inner truth behind the glossy outlook of anything or person from very far. Paragraph on ‘All That Glitters is Not Gold’ Category: Proverbs, Sayings, Idioms and Phrases On April 7, By SpreadKnowledge ‘All that glitters is not gold’ is a popular saying warning against falsehood.

All That Glitters is Not Gold (Moral Story) I n a beautiful desert there lived a camel herder in a village. He had a herd of thesanfranista.com camel herder was a kind man and he looked after the camels very well.

Short Story

A story on the moral all that glitters are not gold Get the answers you need, now!/5(). All that Glitters is not Gold, Proverb Stories, Tenses, English Grammar; English: The best site for the Students to learn English online.

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Feb 12,  · Story - All That Glitters Is Not Gold Short Story on "All That Glitters Is Not Gold" OR"Do Not Find Fault With The Ways Of God" All That Glitters Is Not Gold.

Once a stag was drinking water at a pool. He saw his reflection in the water of the pool. He was greatly pleased to see his beautiful horns and began to admire them. Just a short story not so sure about the end. Took me forever. Just a short story not so sure about the end.

When will you realize all that glitters is not gold? And what will happen when you do? I gurantee you darling, it will be a very harsh lesson to learn. Write Poetry here. Try this Stock Market quiz. Teaching is a noble job.

Write a short story on all that glitters is not gold
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